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The BSc in Mathematics endows a consistent mathematical education providing a strong capacity for professional integration or to pursue to more advanced courses, not only in Mathematics but also in other areas.

Disclosure Lectures of the Mathematics Department
The Mathematics Department of UTAD offers lectures addressed to high school students.
To schedule a talk at your school, contact us through the email
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1st Cycle in Mathematics returns to UTAD
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"Mathematics requires constant work, you cannot study shortly before"
Entrepreneurs highlight the importance of mathematics in the professional world and its relationship with this course.
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Shouryya Ray, a 16-year-old student, solves puzzles posed by Sir Isaac Newton that have baffled mathematicians for 350 years
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"The Government recommends Universities and Polytechnics to "redistribute" the numerus clausus they have available in order to increase the number of students in the courses of "Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering"."
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"See in what place is your profession in the ranking"
The American newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" published this year a list of 200 jobs, from the best to the worst.
Actuary (degree in Mathematics, Management or Economics with specialization in Actuarial Science; expert in insurance) - 2nd place
Mathematics - 10th place
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"Mathematics, a good way to getting a job"
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"To confirm what recruiting agencies say, the latest data from the Office of Planning, Strategy, Assessment and International Relations (GPEARI) on the graduate employment indicates that the courses with fewer unemployed registered in employment centers are in mathematics and statistics, health, safety services and training of teachers/trainers and education sciences."
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"The best career in the world"  by Nuno Crato
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