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Copyright 2012  -  Matematics 1st cycle - University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
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  • graduate competitive professionals in order to improve the quality of the industry of the region and possible extension to national or international market;
  • endow students with a consistent mathematical education providing them the opportunity to attend more advanced courses, not only in Mathematics but also in other areas;
  • provide a wide flexibility to pursue higher studies in different areas;
  • establish a first contact with the research world and/or labour market, being an opportunity to perform scientific and/or technical exchanges with national and international institutions;
  • give students the ability to apply concepts and mathematical methods to solve challenging problems arising from other disciplines and situations that require strong reasoning and critical thinking skills.

UTAD has human and material resources to ensure the level and quality of training required to this 1st degree in Mathematics:

  • experienced academic staff in teaching, integrated in research units funded by FCT;
  • good quality facilities for teaching (classrooms, auditoria and computer equipment), general services, highlighting the central library with several spaces reserved for study and the use of computers, informatics and communication services, and internet access via Wi-Fi generalized throughout the whole campus;
  • several research and teaching connections with well-known institutions, with whom we can ensure the change of knowledge and the European mobility;
  • a research Centre for Mathematics of UTAD (CM-UTAD), that provide weekly scientific seminars that may represent a stimulus for the intellectual and professional training of our students;
  • appropriated spaces for science such as the Department and the CM-UTAD libraries, both with specialized bibliography in Mathematics, and with access to software such as Mathematica and Matlab;
  • access to scientific publications provided by on-line knowledge libraries and databases, such as the b-on and MathSciNet.
The main goals for this 1st Maths cycle are:

  • attract students who like Maths and provide them an academic knowledge, that goes from standard courses to more advanced courses;
  • combine courses given by other Departments for students who pretend to be specialized in a particular area or to develop skills and knowledge in Computation, Economics, Management or Engineering applications;