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Program Structure and Study Plan for the BSc in Mathematics

This course has the same level as several European reference mathematical courses providing the required conditions for mobility and the same training to compete in the European market labor.
To earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics it is necessary to successfully complete mandatory and elective course units in a total of 180 ECTS credits. This study cycle has the duration of 3 years (6 semesters) and runs during daytime schedule.

The study plan of this 1st study cycle includes
  • 17 mandatory semester UCs, with 7.5 ECTS, of mathematics training, providing a solid foundation in topics at the 1st cycle level;
  • 2 mandatory semester UCs in the 1st year, with 7.5 ECTS, and 5 optional UCs in the 3rd year, with 5 ECTS, chosen from a list of 25 UCs of different areas, that expose students to Mathematical application contexts and introduce useful tools in the field;
  • 2 semester UCs of Project, with 5 and 7.5 ECTS, respectively, where preliminary research projects are developed, applying the skills acquired in the other UCs, and traineeships that allow a first contact with the labor market and business reality.
If it is of student's interest and the Course Commission considers it relevant, students may choose to attend courses from one or more of the proposed areas as well as attend UCs of other 1st or 2nd cycle of study programs.