Pedro Manuel Alves Barroso Magalhães - student of the mathematics BSc degree between 1997 and 2002
Financial Analyst (Director of Studies, Planning and Control of the Institute for the Management of Social Security Capitalization Funds)
Invited Lecturer (School of Economics and Management, University of Minho)

Student' Testimonials

A good reflection on the quality of our course is based on the students' experience, during and after their studies. Here are some testimonials from past students of previous degrees in Mathematics and Financial Mathematics of UTAD.

I had the privilege of being a student in Mathematics - UTAD between 1997 and 2002, which allowed me to have qualified and ample university training. Five years of constant challenge and of development encouragement of my abilities and skills.
It was a rich and active period of academic training, along with personal and human growth, which enabled me to face the challenges of my professional life with a better preparation.
Basically, the frequency of the Mathematics degree in UTAD, besides enriching my mathematical knowledge, it has allowed me to open new horizons and face with confidence the several stages of my life, especially in later academic degrees.
The fellowship and the sharing of knowledge and experiences among colleagues, checked throughout the course, were undoubtedly an asset to achieve my goals.

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Carlos André Miranda Pires - student of the mathematics BSc degree between 1998 and 2002
Teacher of the 3rd Cycle of Basic Secondary Education (Alijó)
Student of the 2nd Cycle in Applied Statistics (2011/2012)
The mathematics course in UTAD between 1998 and 2002, beyond increasing my interest for the subject, has provided a consistent and rigorous mathematical training, giving me a scientific and pedagogical knowledge to become a teacher of the 3rd Cycle of Basic Secondary Education.
Currently I am attending the 2nd Cycle in Applied Statistics, which is one of the alternatives of more advanced studies after completing the 1st cycle in Mathematics. In this return to UTAD, ten years after completing the 1st degree, I found a team of teachers with the same motivation, rigor and professionalism, enriched by the experience of ten years of teaching and research.

Paulo José Martins Vasco - student of the mathematics BSc degree between 1995 and 2000
Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics of UTAD
Researcher in the Center of Mathematics CM-UTAD

I was a student of Mathematics degree in UTAD between 1995 and 2000. During this time I had an excellent mathematical training which allowed me to pursuit my studies in order to obtain higher degree levels, namely a master and a PhD degree, which I have successfully finished in 2009.
I could always count on the needed support and encouragement of all teachers of the Degree, which clearly influenced my academic and professional career. Many of them are, in the present, my colleagues and I am very pleased to work with them.
I am very happy with the news of a new cycle in Mathematics, now with the possibility of many options in the last year, allowing a wider range of future professional occupations and/or further study choices.

Isabel Maria do Cabo Luiz - student of the Financial Mathematics BSc degree between 2001 and 2005
Senior Consultant at BearingPoint France SAS

When I arrived from Paris and started my studies at UTAD I wanted to become a maths teacher. I always liked mathematics and to explain the few things I knew. However, feeling that education was living complicated hours in Portugal, I started to think about alternatives. At the same time, it was created the Financial Mathematics course, which combined mathematics with economy, and then I decided for this option.
My four years in UTAD went by so fast, with quality teachers and a well-structured study plan. The advantage of this course, although challenging, is the wide range of covered subjects: economics, accounting, econometrics, statistics, game theory, actuarial, ...
The newly licensed has at the end of the course a solid qualification, recognized by companies in a wide range of areas, such as banks, insurance companies or consultancies, both in Portugal and abroad. In my case, barely finished the course, I had the opportunity to work at Cisco for a year: three months in Lisbon and nine months in the United States as project manager. In this period I developed the business case of a project and found the area of project management. After that experience I returned to Paris, this time in a major Business Consulting firm in France, where I got involved in different projects at different customers: the EDF (equivalent to EDP), the Société Générale, etc...
I often think about the decisions taken in the past and I wonder how it would have been if I had chosen a different option. However, I've never regretted having chosen UTAD, in Vila Real, and the Financial Mathematics course.